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57 Positive Affirmations for Children

Sarah’s “pet” sock makes a cameo for the photos.


Childhood is tough. You can have the happiest child in the world and they will still encounter various issues early on while in school. Dealing with these issues are lessons we all have to learn and it takes time. So how do you calm a child who is upset, hurting and needs reassurance now?

As a parent, I often feel helpless when my children are hurting to the point where I am unable to comfort them. Last year my son was relentlessly bullied by a group of children, constantly being physically attacked and called racial slurs. He was hurting and upset (so were we). While we dealt with the issues behind the scenes, we needed to make him feel safe and comforted again, reassuring him that it’s definitely not him and all them.

When we talk about positive affirmations we almost always are referring to adults, but what about children? Children are not exempt from issues, just like adults, they have feelings that need to be heard and validated.

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How to respond when your child asks for a Ouija board

I like to think of myself as a very “worldly” and adventurous individual. Being the awesome and amazing mother that I am, I have made sure to instill some of that in my children. We have always told them as long as it’s legal and you aren’t endangering the lives of others (or just aren’t being stupid), go for it. YOLO right? Read more

Why Getting Rid of My To-Do List Has Made Me Happier





I live my life by a strict schedule. My mantra was always “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time, you’re late.”; sounds pretty straight forward right? And remaining on this strict schedule meant that I had lists for everything. Groceries, cleaning, errands, school stuff, my stuff, my husband’s stuff. I am a Post-It note, journal having nutcase.

While some may argue that getting rid of to-do lists makes you more productive, I tend not to agree. I do believe that having a list can make and keep you productive, however, I also realize that it varies person to person. For me, getting rid of my tedious and very overwhelming to-do lists, just made me happier.

I think it’s safe to say we all want to feel happy. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in life is that happiness is a choice. You can feel happy and healthy regardless of what’s going on in your life. It starts with little choices we make each day that helps shape our attitude and overall feeling of well being. When it came to my never-ending and super tedious planning and schedule, I realized that in the end it just wasn’t making me happy (no matter how productive I was).

Out of everything that I used my to-do lists for, I never actually used a single one to ensure that I was taking care of my needs as well. Over the last month, I have made a point to spend more time focusing on life rather than focusing on my lists. Needless to say, I think everyone in my home (including me) have become much happier. Here are some things I have learned and done since chucking my daily to-do list.

Life Audit: This may seem a little strange, and you are probably thinking what the heck is a life audit?”. But this is so important for each of us to do on a regular basis. I have taken long deep hard thoughts about the things that make me happy and don’t. If it doesn’t add value to my life, I get rid of it. If it makes me happy, I try and do more of it. One of the major things missing from life is an experience. By that, I mean traveling new places and meeting new people. I don’t want to look back and wish I had done something more. The life audit has allowed me to set clear goals to help me meet any needs or changes I wanted to make in my life.

Appreciate Chaos: I know that doesn’t sound as appealing as it could. But there is something about everything going to hell in a handbasket that I learned to appreciate it. For one, when it happens I am much less apt to freak out, as I previously would. The imperfect moments I have experienced over the last few weeks are happiness. No amount of lists in the world would be able to give me some of the wonderful, spur of the moment times I have had with my kids lately.

Just Be: I don’t have to be everything to everyone all of the time. My lists always gave a visual rundown of what I was supposed to do. But a lot of it was things I knew already. Bills, shopping, kids-Duh? What it didn’t do was give me a chance to just be Tasha, or mom, or wife. It’s silly to think that a little piece of paper or journal could have that much control, but in some ways it does. When you are used to running a tight ship, it can be difficult to change. No matter how late it was, I’m glad that I “saw the light”.


Do you use lists? If so do you feel you could be as productive without them? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t Ask “How Could This Happen”, We Knew It Was Coming All Along

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Preserving history and recognizing history is much different than celebrating these monsters.
It is equivalent to a racial caste system here in the US even if we don’t want to admit it; the playing field is not even.  White men have not had to fight for their rights, where as women and minorities have had to.  Then there is the economic caste system, in which all races fall into the poverty group and are angry because for as hard as they work, they just can’t seem to get their share of the pie.  And don’t attack those on welfare as being lazy.  They are a small group of people. There is no attack on white people. White privilege is not racism. It is a fact that some have advantages where others encounter barriers no matter how hard they work to reach their goals.  There is no attack.  It is only a fact.

How did this happen?

Did you watch the press conference? When Miller holds a press conference from the White House and uses code word ‘cosmopolitan elites’ he was talking directly to these white supremacist terrorists.
We all should have seen this coming we had plenty of warning.

Did Trump make America great again?

Trump will not make America great.
There is nothing whatsoever great about this dangerous madman.

We have long since passed the point where Trump’s tendency to fascism can be ignored.

We have long since passed the point where the repeated, daily now, multiple warning signs can be dismissed as sarcasm, or jokes, or Trump just being Trump.

In the wreckage following World War II, people asked over and over, and continue to ask up to this very day: How could this have happened? How could you people, you Germans, how could you let that madman destroy your republic, destroy your nation, destroy your people, destroy your civilization? How? How is that possible? Why didn’t you DO SOMETHING?

And the answer was: We didn’t know. We thought he would make Germany great again. We thought he would make Germany for Germans, get rid of the undesirables. We thought he would rebuild our military, make it mighty again. We thought he would make the world fear us, respect us, acknowledge our superiority. He said he’d give us jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, make us all rich. We didn’t know. We didn’t know until it was too late!

Well, America, WE don’t have that excuse.

WE do know.

And you’re looking at it. You’re looking at it every single day. You’re looking at the pinched ugly faces of racists and bigots and supremacy, the KKK and the Neo-Nazis, Homophobia, Transphobia, Islamophobia, Anti-Semites, violence and fear of every kind touted as American values, jingoism, military fetishism, religious fanaticism, America only for Americans, walls, propaganda sold as truth despite its OBVIOUS AND PROVABLE falsehood, the cult of personality, the fear of the other, the suspicion that our neighbors and our government are plotting against us, the appeal to some supposed lost greatness, the nostalgia for the good old days of glory, and now the suggestion that civilians should be tried by military tribunal — free of the burden of law, the Constitution, appeal, and all the values and protections we Americans hold most dear. The very ideals those like Trump would say make us “exceptional,” that — that right there — is what we would deny others.

How could this happen?
It happens when the ideals of hope and optimism and community are replaced with fear and hate and intolerance. It happens inch by inch, day by day, as the idea of The Other takes hold. It happens when reason is replaced by the mindless shouting mob, when a nation that calls itself exceptional compromises its values for expediency, for rendition, for torture, for indefinite detention without trial or appeal because those things are EASY. They’re easy. They’re easier than holding fast to high ideals, the very ideals which made us great, which once made us admired and respected the world over. They’re easier than facing down the mob, they’re easier than honor.

That’s how it starts.

That’s how it starts when you give up honor and ideals for expediency. Because it’s easy.

And you don’t have to look very far to see how it ends.

How could this happen?
It happens because we let it happen. Because we dismiss the warning signs. Like Bhopal. Like Chernobyl. Like the Titanic. Like ten thousand other disasters which could have been prevented and were not.

Every day this guy gives warning. Every day.

Every day the alarms sound. Every day.

Every day it grows worse.

Every day you see what an America under Trump would be like.

How could it happen?

Exactly like this.
It looks so bad from where I sit – all three branches are theirs, plus 32 governors and 33 state houses. They are now in charge, and I can’t see this trend reversing until it is far too late. This will not end well.
To this I say: 
Dear America,
You are at a very scary tipping point. How and who you choose to be at this moment will not only define you as individuals, as a society, as a country but will also have a ripple effect on the entire world.
The rest of the world is not impressed that our economies and possibly existence on the planet depend on your choices because your greed and arrogance have stockpiled the ability to destroy both and your willful ignorance has led you to this tipping point through denial and hate.

Be very very careful that you do not become the mirror image of what you hate. Extremists are dangerous no matter what side of the line they stand on and hate will always smother reason if it is allowed to flow freely.

You created them like Frankenstein’s  monster when your country was born, you fed them then hid them, you protected them then excused them, now your country is full of pitchforks and torches and chanting and the rest of us are waiting to see what happens once the windmill is done the burning.
Fighting for equal rights is vastly different than fighting for racial supremacy.
Just as the freedom fighters before us stood against police brutality, racism, housing discrimination, and all other forms of injustice they saw, so should we.

Bloom by Brittany Travestè: A Book Review




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Bloom is one woman’s restorative quest toward love. Yet, through bare as bones poems, narrative, essays and brief meditations, it proves to be healing for you, too, if you’ve ever looked at yourself and cringed at the not so beautiful. Bloom seeks release and acceptance. It is an act of utter vulnerability with the hope of giving you the freedom to sprout gracefully into your most magical self, understanding that every experience, lapse in judgment, and fall from grace has led you right back to you. Read more

The Busy Moms Guide to Quick Pampering





Whenever I have a couple hours to myself I always try to get a full pampering session in. Realistically, I may only have an hour at the most, and this is usually before my kids wake up. The weekends I tend to have a bit longer since my husband is off of work. However, with the way my stress levels are set up, I always jump at the chance for a little extra pampering. Here a few ways tips to get in a daily quick pampering session. Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Preschooler Ready for School + 3 Books to Help Empower Them

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As my daughter gets ready to head off to school, she (and I) have been filled with a lot of anxiety. When we first talked about whether or not she should start preschool, there were many things that crossed our minds. Was she ready? Even if she is ready, is preschool necessary? Needless to say, I wanted more time to spend at home with her before she started school, and I felt she just needed to be a kid a little bit longer. In my mind, children need time to dig in the dirt for no reason other than digging in the dirt. The sooner she was rushed off to school, the more I felt as if she was losing this time to just be a kid. In the end, I realized I was being a bit selfish, and well irrational.

To help ease our anxiety of her starting school, I have made sure over the last several months to work with her on these primary skills that she will need in order to be successful in school. Along the way, we have found some really awesome books that have helped as well, and are the perfect addition to any home library. Read more