6 Ways You Can Improve Your Health Right Now

20 Ways To Improve Your Health Right Now

I am always looking for ways to improve my health.

This post is kind of a motivational kick in the pants for me. As I am typing this, I am eating a bowl of pasta and drinking a Coca-Cola. While not the unhealthiest combination, it’s not the healthiest either. I’ve been a kind of a rut lately, and while I generally try and stay cognizant of what I put into my body, this summer has been a little different.

The stress of life and the ends and outs of my being a chauffeur (yay summer break) has taken a toll on me. Although there are days where I am able to actually take my own advice and make sure I am implementing my self-care practices regularly, I will be the first to admit that there are weeks that go by when I don’t do it at all. Read more

4 Ways Busy Couples Can Make Time For One Another

4 Ways For Busy Couples To Make Time For Each Other

Busy couples are nothing new. It seems that more and more, I read about how difficult it is for partners to fit in enough time for one another, without taking away time from something (or someone, i.e. kids) else.

If I’m not working on one of my two blogs or handling 1983 (my small shop), then there is the never-ending duty of being mom and wife. My husband’s super busy 70 hour week work schedule, frequently keeps him away from home. All of this means that it is often little to no time for him and me to spend together. Some weeks we are lucky if we can even sit down and enjoy a movie together. Read more

The Best Etsy Shops for Handmade Princess Dresses

my favorite etsy stores for princess dresses

Over the years Audrey has acquired a lot of princess dresses. I started finding dresses on eBay, then one day while planning a shoot for a client I came across an amazing vendor on Etsy Heartfelt Costumes. She made some amazing dresses for my client’s fairy tale shoot and since I have ordered several more dresses from her.

Unfortunately, she’s on hiatus until next year (sad face), but there are a several other amazing Etsy vendors I highly recommend that I want to share.

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Mitchelville Beach Park: Hilton Head Island Hidden Treasure

Mitchellville Beach Park aka Freedom Park is located in Beaufort County on Hilton Head Island. This beautiful beach is definitely off the beaten path, with its undisturbed beach charm and nature trails, this is one place your family needs to visit.

With sweeping views of the sea and its abundant wildlife, we know why the locals have kept this place a hidden secret for so long.

FACT: The island’s slaves were freed in 1861 long before the Civil War ended. That’s right, this area was the very 1st free slave town in the United States. Hilton Head Island has a history as a safe haven and refuge for freed slaves before and after the Civil War.

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Thanks to Urban Outfitters, The Mom Jean is Back in Style

2017 Urban Outfitter Mom Jean

Who would have thought that in 2017, mom jean’s would be cool?

Well, apparently Urban Outfitters does!

The MDG Mom jeans (which were also combined with the girlfriend Jean) are being billed as the newest 2017 trend in denim. Hard to believe right? I’m pretty sure if these were around back in 2003, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler wouldn’t have had the hit “Mom Jean” Commercial skit on SNL.


Either, way check out this, interesting yet fashionable update, to the jean we all love to hate.

I can’t lie, a few of these are actually…okay. Here are few of my favorite styles.

Vintage Wash BDG

Rebel Rebel


Raw Edge

Star Gaze


Please, no one tell my mom.


Do you think you will purchase any of these? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below!


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Workout Pieces Every Woman Should Own

4 Workout Cheap Pieces of clothing every woman should own


Staying active is pretty easy when you are chasing after rambunctious tots all day long. However, there are days where I end up staying in my workout clothes pretty much all day long, after leaving the gym (yeah I know, sounds ugh, but hitting the gym at 5 am before the kids wake up is already a daunting task in itself).

With that said, there are a few stylish, yet comfy staples I like to keep in my workout rotation, just because I know I can still head to the grocery store or to the park with my kids even if I have them on.

  1. Cropped Leggings: These are basically all my wardrobe is made of at the moment! While I love the feel of Old Navy brand work out gear, I also love the cropped leggings from Ivy Park. If you don’t mind a bit of a splurge on a great pair that you can literally wear almost every day (hey! don’t judge me), these are great as well.
  2. Sports Bra: I won’t even lie, I have done nothing but live in sports bras since the birth of kid number 3! While Ivy Park, once again has the best sports bras for me, I also love these from Target.
  3. Top: Any type of lightweight top would be ideal. I am a huge fan of the NIKE BREATHE tops since they are so lightweight. Also, because I don’t like tight fitting tops, this drop hole tank is absolutely perfect!
  4. Shoes: Good shoes will make or break you (literally). It’s always good to invest in a new pair of shoes as often as possible ( at least every 6-8 months). You either opt for shoes on the higher end such as these or on the lower end of the price point such as these. I have both pairs and they are both extremely comfortable!