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Know Money, No Problems: 5 Ways To Save on Your Utility Bills

Expensive utility bills can put a strain on your family’s finances. After experiencing one $700 electric bill, I knew there were some changes my family needed to make, and make quickly. Make a few simple changes to save on your utility bills.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy-saving light bulbs can save you $40 or more per light bulb throughout the year. Not only that, but it’s also 75% cooler than a standard light bulb, which can help lower your air conditioning costs in the summer months. The downside is that it can be expensive to change out your lights to energy-saving light bulbs at one time. Instead of switching them all at once, as a bulb blows change it out to an energy saving one.

Energy Saving Appliances

I know that it’s not feasible for everyone to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on energy-efficient appliances just to save money on their utility bills.  However, over time as your appliances become worn out or need to be replaced, consider upgrading them to newer, energy saving models. While this may take time, they will save you a significant amount of energy and your pockets will benefit financially, over time, by making these large purchases.

A/C Maintenance

When the temperatures start to rise outside, our first reaction is to always turn the A/C unit down. However, this is not as effective as most people think it is. Not only is your home not cooling properly if temps outside peak 90 degrees (as it does so often in South Carolina), it is also causing your meter to spin like a slot machine. Only it’s not you getting a win, It’s the electric company that will hit the jackpot. To help your air flow more efficiently and to regulate cost be sure to have your unit checked annually and to change your filters often.


I understand it’s simple to just leave items such as your computer, phone chargers, or even the coffee maker plugged in until you use them again. But we have to remember that everything that’s plugged into the wall sucks up energy, regardless of its being used or if it’s in the off position. Unplug power strips, your TV, computer and anything else that’s plugged in when not in use. This way they won’t waste energy when they are not being used.


I can’t say that I am following my own lesson with this one. Every parent knows there’s no such thing as laundry day when you have kids. Every day feels like laundry day. And when you are in the midst of potty training or if you have a child that constantly wets the bed, you don’t have a choice. However, the reality is that you could be spending a huge chunk of your utility bills on washing and drying your family’s clothes. From wasted energy heating up the washer’s water to watching your electricity bill climb upwards as the dryer tumbles your clothes around in a circle, the expense of throwing a load of laundry in can be cut to save money on utility bills and save you time too. If you are able to stretch out the time between loads, then do so. But even if you aren’t, I wouldn’t fret too much over this. There are some things that we just can’t help.

What energy money saving tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below!


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