24 Hours in Washington, D.C.

A while back I had to make a quick trip to D.C. for work. I took the oldest with me for a short overnight trip. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon; most of the stores were closing by the time we arrived, with us leaving early the next day we didn’t have any opportunities to check out landmarks, but we did walk around Georgetown.

The drive up was pretty hectic, traffic, traffic and more traffic. But we eventually made it and even stopped along the way for a few pictures.


We stayed at The Melrose Hotel in Georgetown. The hotel room was beautiful! I did not think to take any photos (sad face), but it was absolutely gorgeous, if you’re looking for a child-friendly hotel this is it!

After getting settled, we headed to Georgetown Waterfront Park. There seemed to be a lot going on, so Aidan and I grabbed a table and watched the boats and listened to music for a while. When we finished up at the park, we walked the other direction towards the White House. We passed a cool hot dog stand and decided to grab it bite! It was delicious!


Little man couldn’t sleep (he missed his sister and wanted her here), so at one point we got up in the middle of the night so we drove around for a few.

The next day we were able to take in a few sights super early in the morning before my meeting and heading back home.

How do you handle quick trips when you work from home? Have you ever left one child with a spouse and taken the other with you? Aidan really enjoyed this trip, it was the perfect chance for him to spend some one on one time with me.

Share your trips in the comments below!

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