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Kid Movie Review: Star Wars Rogue One

Star Wars Rogue One Movie Review/

I know this is several weeks late, but we were so busy around the holidays, that this one just slipped my mind. If you are a major Star Wars movie fan, then this film is a grade A MUST see! Rogue One was one of 2016’s most anticipated films, and in my opinion it didn’t let us us. Read more

Moana Movie Review

Over the years we have seen Disney reach new heights with the release of their films. Whether its taking us on a wild adventure through retro and new age video games, whisking us off to distant lands, ot learning that love doesn’t always have to come from a man, Moana is an adventure so different that it will be a must add to your Disney collection. Read more

Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer

We have been waiting month’s for this! I am so excited that it is finally here!

In case you have been living under a rock, Disney is making a live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson. The film is sheduled to hit theaters in March 2017. As you can see Audrey is ready for the film to hurry up and get here, and so am I!

Today they released the official trailer for the film, and I am even more excited than I was with the teaser trailer. Be sure to check it out below!

For updates on the film be sure to follow their official Twitter account (and ours!)

Do you have plans to see the live version of the film? Let me know your thoughts below!

Is Doctor Strange Kid Friendly?

If you are familar with my previous blog My Beautiful Brown Life, then you are well aware that my kids and I are diehard Marvel fans. We make sure we attend every movie opening weekend. So of course that meant when Marvel’s newest superhero installment was released, we were there. (I would like to preface this with saying, my husband and I did watch it the night before during an early showing, just to make sure it was appropriate for the kids).

This movie did not disappoint at all! We are all used to the over the top effects in these films, and this one was no different. Don’t worry, I am not going to share too much of the film, as I understand not many have seen it yet. The overall theme of the film is simple; a man who feels he has lost the part of him, takes a journey and discovers that he is more that what he could have ever imagined. Now throw in Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, a seriously evil villain, and you have an exciting movie that is well worth your time.

After the kids saw the movie, Andrew could not wait to get home and write his review for the film. So check out his thoughts below!

What did you think of Doctor Strange?

A: I thought it was really good. Did you know that he could do all of that before we saw the movie? I didn’t, and now I want to read about him.

No, I didn’t know. What was your favorite part?

A: The part with his cloak! I thought it was so funny, and I couldn’t stop laughing! It kept following him, and then it jumped on the guys face.

Did you think the movie was scary at any time?

A: No. I was worried at a few parts, but I wasn’t scared at all.

What had you worried?

A: You said I couldn’t spoil the movie!!

You’re right, haha. 

Well that’s Andrew’s take on Doctor Strange, be sure you head to the theaters and check it out! You definitely will not be disappointed!


Kid Movie Review: 25th Anniversary “Beauty and the Beast”

I’ve finally been able to watch one of my favorite Disney movie’s of all time with my girls! We purchased the Walt Disney Signature Collection 25th Anniversary edition of Beauty and the Beast on Disney Movies Anywhere, and I promise this has been the highlight of the evening in our home.

Our girls laughed, they danced, they sung-they thouroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish! Considering Sarah’s birthday is September 9th, this was the perfect early gift. We were shocked that she sat and watched the entire movie, but she did, and after it was over she screamed “yay Belle!”

More than likely you all have seen this film, so there is no need for me to get into a synopsis of it-that means I will jump straight into Isla’s review of this film!


Q: Did you enjoy the movie?

I: Yes I did!

Q: What was your favorite part of the film?

I: I love Belle’s voice! I loved all of the signing plates, and dishes, and I like how the beast turned human again .

Q: What was your favorite song?

I: The first one they were singing when the movie came on, and then “Be Our Guest”. I wish our dishes would sing for us when it is time to eat. Do you know how much fun that would make dinner time?

Q: Dinner would definitely be a lot of fun. What did you think about the beast?

I: He was scary, but then he became nice once he learned control his temper! He should’ve listened to the teapot from the start.

Q: Was there anything about the movie you didn’t like?

I: Gaston. He was mean. I’m glad Belle didn’t marry him.

Q:Do you think everyone should buy it and watch it with their kids?

I: Yes! Please please please!


Well there you have it! The movie is available now on Disney Movies Everywhere, and it will be available on DVD September 20th. In case you didn’t know, Disney is making a live action version of this film! Check out the teaser trailer below!

If you’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, did you enjoy it? What was your favorite scene or song from the movie?

Kid Movie Review: Captain America Civil War & The Jungle Book

This weekend was an awesome treat for us! We took the kids to the drive in to catch TWO movies that we have been dying to see as a family! It was such a fun filled evening, especially considering it was also Andrew’s birthday!

We took a drive to Monetta, to head to our favorite drive-in theater. This weekend was the long awaited opening of Captain America: Civil War. Also playing on the screen we were at was the Jungle Book.  Of course I thought both movies were exciting, but Andrew has been begging to be able to contribute to my blog (he says he has his own thoughts he wants to get out), so I figured I would let him do a movie review.

So first up is Captain America: Civil War.

Q: What did you think about the new Captain America movie?

A: IT WAS AWESOME!!! I can’t believe they had Black Panther there! I hope that means he is getting his own movie! It was so cool to see someone like me as a super hero!

Q: What was your favorite part of the movie?

A: The part where Black Panther was chasing Cap and Bucky in the tunnel and he did a super cool flip move. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life!

Q: Did you think anything was missing from the movie?

A: Besides Thor and Hulk? Why weren’t they there?

Q: Well I’m not sure why they weren’t there, but it was cool to see the other characters right?

A: I forgot about Spiderman and Ant Man. Oh Man it was so awesome when Ant Man became a giant and it freaked out everyone, especially Spiderman!

Q: Would you tell your friends that they should see this movie?

A: YES!!!! Everyone should see this movie, even Nana & Papa, and Grandma & Grandpa! Maybe they will take me to see it again?

Q: Okay, so we also saw The Jungle Book, how did you feel about that movie?

A: I thought it was pretty neat. It was a lot different from the cartoon.

Q: What was your favorite part of the movie?

A: I liked the part with King Louie and all of the different monkeys. He was big and scary though.

Q: Were you scared?

A: No, never, I’m too big to be scared of monkeys!

Q: What did you think of the tiger?

A: Oh, he was mean. I didn’t like him. Especially when he killed the wolf. That was not necessary.I think he was just a bully.

Q: Overall, do you think you would tell your friends to go see this movie?

A: Of course I would.

Wow! So needless to say Andrew enjoyed both movies! The excitement in his voice as we did this mini interview made my heart smile. He truly had an amazing birthday! We had a
super long evening at the drive in (the movies weren’t over until 1am, and we had gotten there at 6-since they don’t until sundown, we had to make sure we got a good spot).