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Gabrielle Union opens up about misscarriages

Gabrielle Union shares the heartbreaking truth about her ‘8 or 9 miscarriages’

Actress Gabrielle Union’s new memoir reveals just how painful it can be to ask women (what some may deem as  a seemingly harmless question) “When are you going to start a family?”. It also serves as a reminder for many, that there is simply no easy answer to this totally invasive question. For Union, the…

‘Scuse Me, But My Education Isn’t Wasted By Staying Home With My Kids (With reactions told in Kenya Moore GIFs)

One night my husband made a joke that I had a Ph.D., to which my sister in law responded: “well that’s a waste of a degree being a stay at home mom.” Really? Ya’ll, when I tell you it took everything in me to hold my tongue, it literally took the spirits of all of…

No Damsel: How one artist re-imagined classic Disney character’s for the modern era.

Artist Dorian Lynde creates alternative iconography for young girls with her No Damsel exhibit at CAM Raleigh. Portraying alternative identities for women that aren’t one dimensional, regressive or reductive and are impossible to ignore is Lynde’s overall goal for the exhibit. “It’s my hope that these images can inspire women. I’m particularly eager for younger audiences to experience…