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Using Photography to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Using Photographer To Boost Your Child's Confidence //

Using photography to boost your child’s confidence can be huge in allowing them to be themselves. Whether you’re taking their picture or handing the camera over to them and letting them take the reigns, this can be huge in allowing your child to be more confident in what they do. I talk about this exact thing over on my photography blog here, feel free to read and comment.

A while back I handed my son the camera and told him to make a story. He decided to take photos of his favorite toys and called it “Toy Story Before Time” (which subsequently is similar to the title of an actual Toy Story short).

using photography to boost your child's confidence

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Mommy Beat: Date Night Looks ft. The Vanity Planet Palette Brush Set

Mommy Beat: Soft look for an in-home date night //

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I can’t believe how fast 2017 is flying by, just like 2016 did.

As parents it can be difficult to get a night out; sometimes we have to resort to creative measures just to get some time alone with one another. Well If you are thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, and its apparent that you won’t be venturing out, try having an in-home date night. Netflix and chill was created for this purpose right?

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