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Michael Jackson Almost Got Me Fired From Disney World & Other Tips To Survive Disney During The Summer

I’ll never forget the summer of 2003. Between the excitement of Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean opening, and my completing an internship at Disney, I didn’t think things could get any better as a 19-year-old college student. That was until one (predictable) summer semi-rainy Florida afternoon.  I saw the king of pop himself at Disney, and guess what? He almost got me fired from my job there. But more on that later.  Read more

#DiscoverSC: Top Family Favorite Must See Destinations In Charleston

Top Family Hotspots in Charleston //

A few weekends ago we decided to have an impromptu day-cation to Charleston, SC. Charleston has always been a favorite day spot for my husband and me, and we love visiting as much as we can with the kids. I didn’t get to take a ton of photos, (my camera card was full), but I did get some. You can view them here on my Instagram. Keep reading to find out what our favorite family friendly spots are! Read more

Passport Party Project-Phase 4

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The Passport Party Project is a National Geographic award winning initative, that provides passports and first-time international travel experiencess to underserved American girls ages 11-15, in an effort to help create responsive and responsible global citizens that travel with heart. 

Read more

Coastal Crust

charleston sc, mom blog, coastal crust mobile eatery, discover sc

We had an amazing time down in Charleston, SC this past weekend, what made it even more amazing was the Coastal Crust mobile eatery. The owners use a restored 1950’s pick up truck, complete with a wood fire oven, to bring you the most incredible pizza you could ever imagine.

If you are ever in the Mt. Pleasant area, be on the lookout for the truck! I gaurantee you won’t regret it. In the mean time, be sure to check out their menu here.

coastal crust pizza, mt. pleasant sc, mom blog

coastal crust pizza, mt. pleasant sc, mom blog, discover sc

discover sc, coastal crust, mom blog

charleston sc, coastal crust, mom blog, discover sc

discover sc, coastal crust, mt. plesant sc, mom blog

New Adventures

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After a very busy Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take a little time to reflect over the last six months since moving here in New England.

We have been very blessed with the opportunity to expose our children to new areas, cultures and aspects of life. Certain things, that as children my husband and I didn’t have access to.

With it’s rich history and iconic American landmarks within an hours drive, living here has afforded us the opportunity to explore parts of the country we never thought we would see.

I’m looking forward to visiting the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard this summer!

Here’s to a great summer!