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family camping at red top mountain

Family Camping at Red Top Mountain

We are an outdoor family. In fact, we are probably one of the most active families you could meet. The kids and I are constantly out doing some sort of activity and camping is no exception.

We headed to Red Top Mountain Easter weekend for a quick getaway. It was so peaceful and absolutely wonderful!

With a busy weekend, we weren’t in our cabins much, but the time we spent there was absolutely wonderful! We took some time to make smores for the kids, and they loved it!

With so much to do onsite, you and the little ones can get lost for days: lake views, hiking, and a massive playground all cover this amazing state park.

The campground also features 1 yurt. We didn’t stay here but walked passed so I could get a picture.

I hate the fact that I was so busy taking pictures, I never actually got a chance to be in any of them. (I’m working on getting better with that).

family camping at red top mountain

The views around the lake were absolutely gorgeous!

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