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Tips for flying with your children for the first time

There has been no shortage of horrible news regarding airlines and families lately. With countless stories of families being kicked off of planes or made to give up their young child’s seat, it’s no wonder so many families are becoming more and more hesitant about flying.

We’ve flown a few times with our children and each time we’ve had a pleasant experience (alone, not so much). One reason is that we choose to fly Jet Blue as much as possible. A few of the other major carriers have given us issues in the past, so when it came time to start flying with the children, we decided if possible, Jet Blue would always be our go-to choice.

When flying for the first time with children, it’s best to be prepared prior to enter TSA line. Luckily, each time we’ve had to go through, they made an announcement for families and allow us to go through a special line. Remember, adults will need to take off shoes, jewelry and have IDs/boarding passes ready. This will help get you through the line quicker. Remember the older the child the easier it is. This list may not apply to those with smaller children, my kids are older and no longer require the car seats or strollers, etc.

  • take advantage of early boarding (if allowed)
  • bring activities for airport and airplane (don’t forget your charger)
  • Snacks for the plane ride
  • Pillow (someone’s neck is always hurting)
  • comfortable shoes (if you’re going to be walking through a large airport or multiple airports, make sure your children are wearing comfortable shoes.

The first time flying with children can be scary. Lord knows it was for us. We were worried about the airport crowds and there was also a major storm on the way, cancellation became a huge issue a well.

Our kids were also very nervous flying for the first time. From the moment we checked in, the workers did everything in their power to make sure the kids were comfortable and unafraid.

Playing the waiting game was the hardest, they were so excited they started to get a tad bit impatient.

They were excited to receive a pair of wings as well!! When we boarded the plane, the flight ended up being pretty empty (perks of flying first thing in the morning). We were given the option of letting the kids have their own seat, but they kids wanted to stay close to us!

Before you know it, they were asleep. With all of the excitement, they fell asleep before we even took off! It made the rest of the flight quite enjoyable (lol).

Are your children good fliers? How many times have you had to make long distance trips with little ones in tow? Any tips for first timers? Sound off in the comments below.

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