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How To Keep Your Toddler Healthy, When You’re On The Go

Summer is in full swing here, and as usual, it has been jam-packed with activities (and we are only a week and a half in!). Between basketball camp, golf camp and lessons, swim lessons, summer t-ball, eating healthy for our family of six would seem impossible. Moreso, making sure my toddlers are eating healthy snacks while on the go has been difficult.

While I try my hardest to prepare the best snacks possible to keep with us, there are only so many hours that I spend at home, and when I am, honestly I prefer it not to be in the kitchen.

Like many families who are constantly on the go, it can sometimes be hard to make sure everyone is eating the rights foods. We all know convenience foods are tempting (and Chick-fil-a is like a second staple to us some days). But don’t fret, whether you’re raising the next Tiger Woods or A-Rod; dentist or EMT, there are still a variety of ways you can teach your kids (yes even your toddlers to eat healthily).


Introduce kids to an array of different foods early on, is key in helping them start their path to eating healthy. For our toddler and preschooler, we introduced Sprout® Organic Baby Food as soon as they started on solids. If you are looking for GMO-free foods, with no preservatives, additives or ANYTHING artificial, then Sprout® Foods are a perfect choice.

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Even though my girls are a bit older, the Stage 3 Purees are still the perfect snacks for me to keep in the diaper or in my purse while we are waiting for our two older children to finish with their activities. Sprout® Power Pak™ Toddler Purees are one of the only brands to use 100% plant-based nutrients. The clear packaging allows us to see what our girls are eating (which is part of my neurotic side of parenting). Another major plus: Sprout’s unique super blend (coconut milk, navy beans, chia, dates) provides essential nutrients for toddlers, including 3 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, a full serving of fruit, and omega 3 from chia.

If you are looking to introduce a healthy variety of foods to your little one early on, then I recommend trying out Sprout® foods!


We all know the healthiest meals are easily prepared at home. Having your children engage with you during cooking time, is another great way to instill these healthy habits early on. Have your children help out in the kitchen, and talk to them about the ingredients you are using and why. Also, make sure as a family you are all eating the same meal. If you have picky eaters this may be difficult, however, it’s easy to correct this issue early on, rather than waiting until they are older and it becomes more difficult.

Be Enthusiastic

If your kids see you are enjoying healthy eating, more than likely they will enjoy it as well. Little eyes are always watching and mimicking what we are doing, so as with everything else, it’s important that we model good behavior for them on all fronts.

Let Them Be Involved

We know that kids can get a little crazy with asking for everything in the grocery store, but if you are picking out toddler snacks or baby snacks to take with you on the go, such as fruit, nuts, sandwiches or even Sprout® Organic Curlz™, then why not let them help you decide what to get.

This is another great way of teaching them to make wise choices. Let them pick out their favorite fruits, or if they enjoy sandwiches, the type of sandwich they would like. What we enjoy about Sprout® Organic Curlz™ is that it come in a variety of flavors; Broccoli, White Cheddar, and Sweet Potato & Cinnamon; and for us, since we don’t do potato chips or things of those sorts, it is a great alternative for a healthy snack. Organic Curlz are also gluten-free, non-GMO, and offer a perfect curly, crunchy texture for toddlers (which if you have a texture picky two-year-old like mine, finding the rights foods are very important).

If you want to give Sprout Foods a try then click here to stay up to date with information and coupons! If you love Sprout food products, let me know in the comment section below and tell me what your favorite is!



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