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57 Positive Affirmations for Children

Childhood is tough. You can have the happiest child in the world and they will still encounter various issues early on while in school. Dealing with these issues are lessons we all have to learn and it takes time. So how do you calm a child who is upset, hurting and needs reassurance now?

As a parent, I often feel helpless when my children are hurting to the point where I am unable to comfort them. Last year my son was relentlessly bullied by a group of children, constantly being physically attacked and called racial slurs. He was hurting and upset (so were we). While we dealt with the issues behind the scenes, we needed to make him feel safe and comforted again, reassuring him that it’s definitely not him and all them.

When we talk about positive affirmations we almost always are referring to adults, but what about children? Children are not exempt from issues, just like adults, they have feelings that need to be heard and validated.

These troubles, fears, and anxieties can cause our children serious harm late in life if we do not teach them how to properly handle emotions and confrontations. As a child, it is important that we instill a positive belief system in them early on for great confidence and esteem.

Why is having a positive supportive belief system necessary?

We can develop limiting beliefs early on in life. Limiting beliefs are negative thought patterns developed due to conditioning or subconscious negative beliefs. In order to get rid of these limiting beliefs, we must help our children develop great self-esteem, internalize good strong values and help them create a positive supportive belief system. Having a positive belief system will also aid in your child becoming more successful in school.

Positive affirmations work best when said every day. Repeat them on a consistent daily basis so they sink into your subconscious. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, doing your hair or just sitting for some quiet time, positive affirmations are a great way to relax and settle your mind.

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am safe.
  3. I am kind.
  4. I am strong.
  5. I speak my truth.
  6. My voice matters.
  7. I express myself.
  8. I speak with kindness.
  9. I speak with love.
  10. My voice is strong.
  11. My voice is clear.
  12. My voice is steady.
  13. I have an opinion.
  14. I have the words I need.
  15. I take up for myself.
  16. I see clearly.
  17. I think clearly.
  18. I trust my intuition.
  19. I trust my decisions.
  20. I know the answer.
  21. I create my reality.
  22. I trust in myself.
  23. I trust in my abilities.
  24. I trust.
  25. I understand.
  26. I am inspired.
  27. I am creative.
  28. I am unique.
  29. I am special.
  30. I am important.
  31. I am inspired.
  32. I am safe.
  33. I am confident.
  34. I am abundant.
  35. I am healthy.
  36. I have everything I need.
  37. I am balanced.
  38. I am powerful.
  39. I belong.
  40. I am worthy.
  41. I am strong.
  42. I am great.
  43. I can do anything.
  44. I can accomplish anything.
  45. I have a purpose.
  46. I am capable.
  47. I am ambitious.
  48. I do.
  49. I am intelligent.
  50. I am powerful.
  51. I love.
  52. I am cherished.
  53. I am needed.
  54. I forgive.
  55. I am compassionate.
  56. I accept myself.
  57. I accept others.

Did you like the list? Download our free positive affirmation cards today. These are perfect for your child’s daily lunch or to hang in their room!


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