Cool Holiday Activities Your Teen Will Love

21 Cool Holiday Activities Your Teen Will Love

When my daughter turned thirteen, I knew that everything would change. From her body to her taste in music and movies to how she even wanted to celebrate holidays with (well without) the family.

Having four kids who are not relatively close in age can be a lot of fun, but it can also be difficult. In the case of my daughter, finding age-appropriate Christmas activities for a teenager can be a challenge.  Of course at her age she is way too old to sit on Santa’s lap; and according to her, she is much to “classy” (read cool) to even attempt to do family photos in matching pajamas or dresses with her younger sisters. It seems as with most teens, she has just outgrown many of the childhood traditions that I cherished experiencing with her while she was younger.

However, just because they are much too cool to participate in Christmas photo shoots or marathons of the old Rankin & Bass Christmas specials, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try and keep your teen involved in your family’s Christmas traditions.

There are plenty of age-appropriate activities they can participate in, plus this gives you the opportunity to create new ones. In addition, if you are like me and have kids of multiple ages, this will allow you to test out new activities as the younger ones get older.


50 Fun Teen-Oriented Holiday Activities

  1. Create homemade gifts to give to friends and family members.
  2. Make ugly Christmas sweaters.
  3. Decorate Christmas cookies together.
  4. Decorate your teen’s room with lights or let your teen have her own tree to decorate.
  5. Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  6. Organize a local coat drive.
  7. Make a glitter painted glass ball ornaments.
  8. Make Christmas cards.
  9. Organize an event where teens can sing Christmas carols at a library or other community event.
  10. Volunteer at local area projects or a nursing home.
  11. Hunt for a Christmas tree together.
  12. Send a Christmas card and letter to a soldier.
  13. Buy gifts together for a family in need.
  14. Listen to Christmas music together.
  15. Make Christmas cards for your friends.
  16. Go look at Christmas lights together.
  17. Make a Christmas wish list.
  18. String popcorn for the tree or mantel.
  19. Donate money to a good cause in someone’s name.
  20. Make a music video using Christmas carols.
  21. Make Christmas candy together.




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