Early Morning Activities You Can Do With Your Kids


  1. Treat the Kids to Breakfast: My kids love when I take them to breakfast or lunch (just me and them). It’s a great way for us to spend time together and to bond. Also, early morning breakfast places (such as Cracker Barrel) aren’t heavily crowded during the week, so my kids aren’t normally hyped up and overstimulated.
  2. Go to the local library: We are major book fanatics! So for us, the library is the perfect place for us to go almost every single day. Storytime, neighborhood playdates, and themed parties are just a few activities that take place at our local library. If your library has a children’s room similar to ours, that means they allow the kids to just be kids and have unrestricted fun! I love not having to worry about getting ugly stares because my toddler is being a toddler, and that’s because there are so many other toddlers doing the same exact thing!
  3. Head to the Park: Parks are wonderful places to take your kids for a couple of hours. Our local park is beautiful and my girls can literally run around in circles for hours on end. Grab a couple of snacks, some toys, and a blanket (or chair), and take the littles and have some early morning fun!
  4. Take a Stroll Along the Beach: While we don’t live on the beach (and in case you don’t either), there is a lake near us that has a “beach” area. It is a great place to sit down and let the kids run around and play for a while. During the week there aren’t any large crowds (unless it’s the summer), so it’s pretty peaceful. If you are a huge photography buff, don’t forget to bring your camera! Tip: Bring toys!  
  5. Go for a walk: We live near a beautiful National Park, and it is the perfect place for us to go on hikes during the day. Early in the morning is perfect; once again there are no major crowds, the kids are the most active, and it’s not too hot out. Of course, if you hiking someplace unfamiliar, be sure you stay on the trails! Too many people get lost by trying to venture off, and if you have young kids you definitely want to make sure you don’t get lost because you wandered off the trail. You can use this time to play a wonderful game of “I Spy” or random teachable moments for colors, animals, shapes, nature; whatever you can find!

What types of early morning activities do you like to do with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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