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Getting Fit with the BodyBoss Fitness Guide

I will be the first to admit that I am not fitness buff or fitness connaisseur.

In fact, when it comes to working out, I would always blame the fact that I didn’t have time for it on my kids. I mean, four kids is a valid excuse, right? Eh, I didn’t think so, but it didn’t stop me from trying.

Recently, I discovered the BodyBoss Method, which allows you to get fit in at little as 24 active minutes a day three times a week.

How awesome is that?

Considering naptime is about two hours long, that gives me enough time to get a quick workout in, and still allow me to have time to kick up my feet before Sarah wakes up and the older kids get home. Talk about a win!

What is the BodyBoss Method?

The BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness Guide is a highly structured, 12-week program of fun and challenging high-intensity workouts designed for busy women to achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time. There is also a bonus four-week pre-training program for those who need to work their way up into the regular program.

How does the BodyBoss Method work?

The BodyBoss Method is done in circuit style workouts. That means that during the training session you rotate through a variety of exercises within a set frame. (Don’t worry you are given a break as well!)

There are a total of four cycles which last for about three weeks each cycle. As you work through each cycle the intensity increases. This allows you to reach an optimal level of performance at each level. Once you get into the actual cycle, the program creates a weekly structure that helps build a routine. Mondays are for Legs & Booty, Wednesdays are for Arms, Abs & Core and Fridays are Power-Up workout (just in time for the weekend)!

The best part, that there is little equipment needed, so you can literally workout anywhere that you can spare 24 active minutes!


What comes with the BodyBoss Fitness Guide

– High-Intensity Circuit Workouts

12-week fitness program

Body goals worksheet

Online Support group (They have a private FB community group just for us girls here!)

Training cycles that are fully optimized

Plus a major BONUS: For those who need to ease into the program, there is a  4-week pre-training guide.I don’t want to give the impression that the pre-training is a breeze because it’s not! No lie, the first night, I tapped out after 13 minutes! But now after about 5 weeks, I have been able to continue as I move on to the next level!

In a nutshell, the BodyBoss Method is based around high-intensity interval training, with three weekly workouts designed specifically to torch fat and calories, while increasing power, strength and fitness and rapidly toning the body from top to toe. The workouts blend bodyweight resistance exercises, cardio, unilateral (one-sided) exercises, and plyometrics (jumping moves). There is little to no equipment required (you can always improvise like I did) so you can work out literally anywhere while getting maximum bang for your exercise buck. Meaning greater results in less time – you’ll burn serious calories in under 24 active minutes!

Another feature is that you have a choice in how you want your guide delivered. Which means you can either have a physical copy like I do, or you can purchase an online version that you can view anywhere. Can’t decide? Why not get both? You can purchase them here at the promotional price on their site!







The Verdict

This method is everything you need and more to kickstart your way back to a healthier lifestyle. I definitely feel and look better. As a mom of four kids, it’s pretty easy to say that I have been very self-conscious about my body after baby #4. But with the BodyBoss Method, I am slowly gaining my confidence back and am well on my way to my pre-baby body. Whether you are a mom who wants to get her body back or if you are wanting to look good in your New Year’s Eve party dress, you still have time! Start getting in shape with BodyBoss, change your eating habits and I guarantee it will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself!  


I was provided with a copy of the BodyBoss guide to facilitate this review. However, all opionions are my own. 

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