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Hats of Faith blog book review

Preparing Children for a Culturally Diverse World: Hats of Faith Book Review

Synopsis: This book is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the shared custom of head covering. Using accurate terminology, phonetic pronunciations and bright imagery, Hats of Faith helps educate and prepare young children for our culturally diverse modern world.  Keep reading for my full Hats of Faith book review.

Hats of Faith book review

Hats of Faith book review


This book presents an important aspect of promoting diversity that is often missed. While as a society we often focus on accepting one another for their skin color, more often than not, we do not do a very good job with accepting one another due to our differences in faith or respect the cultures of one another. This board book beautifully introduces the correct terminology that people should use when encountering people of various faiths. Author Medina Cohan has done an amazing job of showing how depicting that clothing and culture are indeed a reflection of one another.

Hats of Faith has been a great way for me to open up the conversation on diversity with my children. Outside of the typical conversations, this has allowed me to dive into deeper aspects of culture and faith with them. The great this is that although this is a board book, which is typically for babies/toddlers, even my 9-year-old has enjoyed reading it, and has begun to ask questions as well as research certain cultures (he loved the Rasta Hat).

It’s important to understand that no matter what conversation you decide to have with your children surrounding, diversity, culture, and faith, but that you keep the lines of communication and are open; providing them factual information, and not information based on fear or our own preconceived notions. While this book is touted as a great learning experience for children, it is also an excellent learning experience for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and caregivers as well.

Thank you to Medina Cohan for providing this book, however, all opinions are my own. 

Hats of Faith book review



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