How to make more time for motherhood

Make More Time for Motherhood

You may be reading this thinking that motherhood already consumes so much of your time so why on earth would need to make more time for it? Believe it or not, although parenting is a 24/7 job, we don’t always balance it the correct way. It’s important to realize that there are times that we can end up causing ourselves to be overwhelmed.

If you are looking for a way to manage here a few tips that can help you out.

Write it out: Plan like there is no tomorrow. I always have something going on; whether it’s work, a doctor’s appointment or a golf lesson. I always make a list of things that need to get accomplished daily. This way I keep track of my activities and I make sure that nothing gets forgotten. It’s not always easy, but I make it a point every week to sit down and plan my week on Sunday afternoons. That way I am not struggling day to day to remember what needs to be done.

Minimize. I am a big believer in the power of decluttering – I’m a work in progress but it’s crazy what a difference it makes! I have a terrible habit of throwing things into my purse and keeping it cluttered. Not only that, this bad habit caused me to go through a phase where I just cluttered everything, everywhere in my home. The only thing this did was add more stress to my life. No mom has time to burn. especially not digging for keys while she’s trying to get the kids out the door to school or running late for a meeting. I have since opted to carry one bag and I have also downsized on a lot of unwanted accessories in my closet.

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Mix business and family. There is nothing wrong with incorporating your family into your work day, especially when working from home. It’s always ideal to try and keep separate hours, however, it’s not always feasible. I try and set aside separate time from each, but when there is something that I am doing that I know my kids would enjoy helping me with (like recording a video or taking photos), I always try and make sure I get them in on it as well

Don’t compare yourself. Especially nowadays when you factor social media into everything, it’s so easy to compare yourself to those picture-perfect Instagram feeds or to your neighbors, people you work with, etc. No matter who you might be tempted to compare yourself with, you’re never seeing the whole picture. When you’re having one of those days, shut out the distraction and spend some one on one time with your babies.

Extra Hugs. Be that annoying over-affectionate mom. This time goes by so quickly. I remember like it was yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital awaiting the arrival of my now 13-year-old daughter. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. And now my Sarah is growing up just as fast. Don’t take these moments for granted. Get in as many hugs as possible, before you know it, they will be telling you they are too big for the extra affection.

Strive for perfection. Settle for excellence. The idea of a super-mom – one who doesn’t meltdown, meets all her work deadlines, never gets upset with her kids, has a perfect house, cooks every meal, and never forgets to brush her kids’ teeth before bed – she doesn’t exist! Every day is a balancing act and just like a marriage or any relationship, it’s ok to have hard times. They just make you stronger. The real super-moms are the ones that can admit when it’s hard and learn and grow from it, not pretend like their life is perfect or something that’s not real. It’s those lessons you learn through the failures that make you a super-mom.

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