Online Afterschool Fun with Connected Camps

We are always looking for creative ways to get our nine-year-old son involved in other activities. However, it’s often times hard to find programs in our area that meet his specific interests and needs.

Since he was about 7 years old, he has taken a strong interest in coding and computers. So websites such as Hour of Code have been great for him. But as a parent, I wanted him to be able to interact with other kids who have a strong interest in computers just as much as he did.

When he discovered Minecraft and essentially became obsessed with it (for lack of a better word choice), I knew I had to step it up and find a way for him to still do an activity that the loves, while participating with other kids in a healthy environment.

Recently I discovered an amazing program called Connected Camps. This platform is a”flexible, social online afterschool program for kids who love Minecraft and coding.”

Here are a few additional benefits (and major pluses) of having your child participate in Connected Camps:

  • Flexible. Your child can choose to attend labs that easily fit their afterschool schedule—they can participate anytime we’ve got a lab in session.
  • Completely online, so your child can join in from home during afterschool hours.
    Interactive. Your child will be collaborating with other kids (and counselors) while they’re online, and they’ll be fully engaged the entire time.
  • A program that can spark a lifelong interest in technology and coding in your son or daughter.
  • A way to make “screen time” more beneficial and productive for your child. They’ll be having fun and learning important skills at the same time!

Kids Camps

Connected Camps offers coding workshops and summer camps in addition to their free server access for their afterschool Minecraft camp. With all of the camps taking place online, this allows families to give their kids the opportunity to participate in a variety of camps from the comfort of their home.

All camps are moderated by counselors/instructors, so there is no need to worry as to whether or not your child will be in an unsafe online environment. For my son, these camps have been great, as he has learned to do a lot of computer troubleshooting on his own, as well as improve his typing skills.

Connected Camps has proven to be an amazing online afterschool community for kids and counselors who really enjoy Minecraft and coding and activities that my son loves. This in itself was a major win for me as a parent. My son loves being able to interact with kids his own age and I have noticed how he is more motivated to get his work done so that he can get online to play Minecraft with his friends. As I previously mentioned the camps are moderated, so during the chats, there is no worry about bullying or any type of harassment occurring between the kids.

I do want to note for us east coasters, that the camp times listed have west coast hours. So for us, the times head more into evening hours which is very convenient.

This post was sponsored by Connected Camps, however, all opinions are my own.

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