How We Teach Our Three Year Old to be Responsible for her Toys

Sarah absolutely loves her American Girl doll Gabby. Since she has gotten the doll several weeks ago, Gabby has traveled with us everywhere we have gone.

However, with Sarah being only 3 years old, she obviously hasn’t learned why it’s important to be careful with your things. Every so often I have to dart back into a store or to the slide at the park and grab Gabby because Sarah sat her down somewhere.


As much as I try to remember, it isn’t always that easy.

Always let children “do it myself” and “help,” even when it’s more work for you.

Sarah always wants to do everything on her own, and I let her. Even if it means it takes an addition 20 minutes. Granted, I know that this will no doubt create more work for me. Toddlers desperately want to have control over their physical worlds, and as parents, we have to provide them the needed support to do that.

Praise Them for Taking Responsibility

Whenever Sarah remembers to put Gabby away (when we get home) or grab her off the bench at the park, I always remember to congratulate her. Because this has been a long road, it’s important to remember that a job (no matter how big or small) deserves praise. It can be easy to forget to praise the kids for each task that they complete, and I try to make sure it’s not overkill, but at 3 years old, it is a major step for her to remember to be consistent with keeping up with her favorite doll.

As time goes on and she learns more and more what responsibility is, I need to ensure that we are there to praise her so that she knows that she is not only doing a great job but that she motivated to continue.
No matter how many times I remind her or help her, accidents still happen, and that’s completely understandable. This is where mom gets the extra help that she needs.
I recently got to try out a Tile Tracker, and as soon as it came, I struggled for a few days trying to decide what to put it on.
That was until we went to the pumpkin patch and we left Gabby. We didn’t realize it until 20 minutes into our ride home. Of course, we immediately turned back, and luckily for us, a good samaritan turned it in.
That’s when I knew exactly where my Tile should go.

What can you attach your Tile to?

Besides being useful on keys, there are a plenty of ways that you can use your Tile. The options are literally limitless! Want some ideas? Here are a few ways you can use your Tile:

  1. Purse
  2. Wallet
  3. Child’s backpack
  4. Husband’s Xbox controller
  5. Stroller
  6. Camera
  7. Camera bag
  8. Glasses case
  9. Tablet
  10. Car

And of course, Gabby!

Tile is one of the world’s best selling Bluetooth trackers! Nearly two million items are located every day using this awesome little Bluetooth tracker!


As I mentioned, Sarah loves taking Gabby with us to the park. She also loves to let other kids play with her. I have started teaching her that it’s okay to say “no you can’t play with my doll”. And when she does let someone play with it, I have tried to let her know that it’s okay to ask for it back.

Why it’s important for me to model responsibility and accountability

If I tell Sarah:

“Hey, if you want to bring Gabby with us to the store, you have to carry her. I have to carry the groceries”. 

Then it’s important for me to follow through and ensure that she follows through as well and that I don’t just carry it because she is “too tired” or it’s “too heavy”.

Our Tile ensures that no matter what happens, as we are teaching Sarah to be more responsible for her things, that we will always know where Gabby is no matter what. And a major plus, not only will we be able to keep track of Gabby, but so will our Tile community. The Tile app makes it easy for us to be a part of the world’s largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers come together to find everything that matters.

Do you have an item that you don’t want to lose? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to head here to learn more about Tile!

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