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The Best Play Kitchens

When I decided that I wanted to invest in play kitchen for Isla and Sarah, I didn’t realize that I would end up searching for months, not to only end up thoroughly irritated at the end, but just mentally drained. Finding the “right” play kitchen can be just as complicated as deciding what type of backsplash you want in your real kitchen. However, there were certain things I knew I *needed* to have in order for me to purchase a kitchen set for my girls.

  • Made of high-quality wood and absolutely not plastic. I wanted the girl’s kitchen set to be something that was easy to the eyes. Meaning, if they had a playdate and I wanted to move the kitchen from the man cave/playroom to our living room or to the girl’s bedroom, then it would look nice no matter what room it was in. Considering we have hardwood floors throughout our entire home, I also wanted something that would just look nice against the flooring as well.
  • Size: I didn’t want anything too big, nor did I want something too small; two little girls are having to share this. We have a small home, so I wanted to make sure that whatever we purchased, it wouldn’t take up too much space.

No matter what your budget is, you can without a doubt, find a nice high-quality play kitchen. Keep reading to find out about some of the best, high-quality toy kitchens on the market.

  1. Pottery Barn Kids Chelsea All-in-1 Kitchen: This modern looking kitchen was number one on our list. Its modern look is something similar to what you will find in many homes today, and who can resist the cuteness of the little farmhouse sink? The realistic details feature actual turning knobs, a watertight sink, and doors that open and close. We have purchased a few items over the years from PBK and have always loved the quality. The only major downside to this kitchen set (if it’s a concern for you) would be the price tag.
  2. Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen: The Duktig kitchen from Ikea, is one that is definitely the internet (and Pinterest) favorite. This kitchen features a lighted stove top (it requires 4 AA batteries, so if you purchase don’t forget those), as well as an easy open oven, microwave and bottom storage (which I suppose could be the fridge as well).  This is the kitchen we chose to go with, due to its small size and its not heavy to move. Not only that the price was absolutely perfect; $79.99 with an Ikea Family membership.
  3. Pottery Barn Kids Charlie Kitchen: If you enjoy a modern, yet rustic look (think Joanna Gaines and every single remodel they do on the show) and would your little one to have a kitchen similar to that style, then this is the perfect kitchen set for you to purchase. Another favorite from PBK, this is crafted from solid oak wood and includes a nickel finish on the hardware. As with the Chelsea kitchen, the sink on this one is also able to hold water, so they can wash dishes. The price tag for the entire set (stove, sink, fridge) is $748.
  4. HaPe Cook N’ Serve Kitchen: This is another kitchen that is perfect for smaller spaces. These kitchen features pull-out counters and extra shelf when needed. I don’t have much experience in this particular kitchen. However, my husband loved it and it was initially the one we were going to go with. The price tag on this set is $149.99
  5. HaPe My Creative Cookery Club: This was one of the only cooking sets that we found, that came with accessories, wooden food and pots pans are the perfect complements to this set. There are also other items from HaPe that you can purchase separately that go well with this set (toaster and coffee maker). The price for this varies depending on where you purchase, but I have seen it on Amazon for a pretty good price. The only con I have read about when it comes to this set is that it is small. So while this is ideal for a young child, if you want something to use over the years, you may want to take it into consideration.
  6. KidKraft White Vintage Kitchen: If you enjoy the look of the PBK Vintage kitchen set, but not the price, then this is perfect for you.   The knobs turn as they click, and the doors all feature latches. My favorite thing about the KidKraft set is the variety of colors in case you aren’t overly fond of the white.
  7.  Portable Toy Kitchen: I absolutely adore this little set. It made completely of wood (including the knobs). If you aren’t sure about wanting to invest in a bigger set for your child, this is the way to go. I don’t know much about this set, but we considered this and one other since we weren’t sure if the girls would enjoy a full kitchen set.   The only downside is, it is a little pricey.
  8.   Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Table Top Stove Set: If the previous table top set gave you sticker shock, here is another option available from Pottery Barn Kids. This item is $59, however, PBK normally has really good sales, so you may want to watch for a price drop. This was another set near the top of our list, due to the size. Just like the full-size kitchen set from PBK, this one is exceptional quality wise as well. If you have a small living space, or if you want something small and compact to keep a sitters or family members house, this is definitely a great option.



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