The Massacre of Mankind

Following up a popular novel by such a celebrated author is no small feat. Baxter, as always was more than capable of filling those shoes.

The amount of research and detail that went into this story was intense I’m sure, but u can appreciate an author that goes the extra mile with details. It helps wrap those loose ends. These details can make the text a little harder to read for some, but those of us that don’t mind the tedious information will find this an additional treat.

The book is very well written, and comes across as a true science fiction book with slight dip into the horror genre. The first person narrative is very similar to Wells’ style,  mimicking Wells writing style quite well.

The complex plot was a little hard to grasp, and I appreciated the use of additional narrators to give us accounts of events happening in other places.

The climax and dramatic twist at the end was a little hard to accept. I felt there needed to be more. It also seems as if there should be another book (one could hope).

If I were to write a sequel to my favorite book, it would use similar techniques. Baxter expanded on the criticisms and critiques of the original and incorpated them into his text. I’m glad the Wells Estate, Baxter and the publisher l took great care to making sure this was done right. This is the type of novel I couls read on a cold evening straight through or over the course of a long weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is a great sequel, one that H.G.Wells himself would be proud of. Baxter is respectful of the source material but capable of standing on its own.

I received an ARC from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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