Stop Telling Mother’s NOT to Complain, Instead, Just Listen

A few days ago there was a wonderful article published about the regrets women had after they became a parent. These regrets ranged from not being able to go to the bathroom in private to not being able to sleep all night long.

As usual, the comments section didn’t disappoint; it ran the gamut from “keep your legs closed” to “when you become a mom that’s what happens, you should be happy you can have children.” Of course, I wasn’t surprised; but what I was surprised as was when did it become some unwritten golden rule, that moms can’t complain. Last time I checked, when I gave birth, that was not on the discharge paperwork from the hospital.

I will be the first to admit that I hate complaining (from everyone), but I will also be the first to admit that I am the first one to complain. Go figure. So here is my complaint about why telling moms not to complain is total bs. Motherhood is a gift, it’s a wonderful gift yes.

But it is completely unrealistic to expect someone to be 100% content 24/7 with anything. If you’re sick and your kid won’t calm down and just sit, you are going to be irritated. Playing 2 million questions on a daily basis is cute but it can get very annoying after a while. Bedtime shuffle–yeah that hella sucks as well, especially with a kid who has been up since 5 am and doesn’t nap.

By telling women not to complain about motherhood or the undesirable moments of motherhood and saying it sends the message that they do not appreciate their precious gifts is just wrong. Instead, what we all need to understand is that for many that’s not the case.

We all need to release some steam, some handle stress better than others. Motherhood is great, but let’s not pretend that we should relish in every undesirable moment as well.

We can love our children and still complain about the hard moments as well.

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