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3 Ways To Embrace Peaceful Parenting




Sometimes a nice relaxing getaway or daycation is all we need to get feel rejuvenated!





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Over the last several months, I have actively worked harder to exercise more patience towards others around me, especially my children. It’s easy to forget sometimes that they still “don’t know” or that their actions may be totally appropriate for their age. As parents, our goal is always to ensure that our kids are happy and stress-free. How can we do that? By yelling less and showing more grace for starters.

But at times that is a lot easier said than done.

Whenever I promise that I am going to be more patient and not spaz out, it never fails that at some point soon after, I do the exact opposite of what I intended on doing. It also never fails that I tell myself that I will do better next, only to have next time be the exact same thing.

All of the best parenting books, blog, and experts, only give you advice on what to do in the midst of your child’s meltdown, never before.

How do you break the cycle before things into utter chaos?

Start your day earlier

Waking up before your children and getting yourself together, allowing time to decompress will dramatically increase the odds of your day starting off on the right foot. Even if all your kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Most of the times our frustration comes into play when we are rushing or running behind schedule. Waking up earlier allows for a buffer of time to where you won’t be feeling rushed.

Stop trying to be Wonder Woman or SuperDad

Who are you trying to prove something to? You don’t have to do it all. We become easily frustrated when we have too much on our plates or when we are trying to multitask and we recognize that we are failing miserably at it.

There is literally no point in trying to do everything at once. Take your time and breath.

Add more peaceful moments to your day

We all need a moment to ourselves. Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee or meditating, make sure you are taking time out each day for yourself. The last thing you want is to become so overwhelmed with life that you never get a moment of quiet. We have to remember that we are no good to anyone else if we aren’t at our best.

Do you practice peaceful parenting? What are some techniques that you use?




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