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No Damsel: How one artist re-imagined classic Disney character’s for the modern era.

Artist Dorian Lynde creates alternative iconography for young girls with her No Damsel exhibit at CAM Raleigh.

Portraying alternative identities for women that aren’t one dimensional, regressive or reductive and are impossible to ignore is Lynde’s overall goal for the exhibit. “It’s my hope that these images can inspire women. I’m particularly eager for younger audiences to experience it.” (source)

According to the artist website:

No Damsel is a series that reimagines princesses and places them into a modern environment, seeking to explore and subvert their role as images implicit in commodified femininity and youth. It is a site-specific painting and installation work that is part of an ongoing effort.

LA artist Dorian Lynde creates a series of 18 paintings of favorite Princesses reimagined as contemporary women.






No glass coffins or slippers, just street savvy women reclaiming femininity! Lynde says she hopes to undo some of the effects that the damsel in distress narrative may have caused young caused by showcasing these characters with interest outside of marriage.

All Photos: Nicole Caudle Photography


Did you get a chance to check out Dorian’s work? If so let me know in the comments.

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